Manage Passwords With KeePassXC

Posted by Shiva Saxena on Sun 01 March 2020 Updated on Sun 01 March 2020


In this world of internet and social accounts, it is impossible to survive without password managers (except if you use same password across all the platforms, but isn't that sound risky?). So if you haven't selected your password manager till now, then KeePassXC would be really handy to work with.

What is KeePassXC

As mentioned on their website:

KeePassXC saves your passwords securely. When you double-click a URL in KeePassXC, it launches your default browser to that URL. With browser integration configured, KeePassXC automatically enters username/password credentials into web page fields.

It's really a nice password manager and easy to use if you are a beginner.

Why a Password Manager?

Question should be, Why not to use a password manager? Because, we all keep creating accounts on all the social and other webstites and remembering them for all the platforms is just not possible. Usernames, are not a big issue, because people can make them consistent across all the sites, but that shouldn't be the case with passwords.

Second, I recommended using Diceware to create strong, lengthy passphrases for improved security but as remembering a lot of such lengthy passwords is tedious. Therefore, I recommend KeePassXC or any other password manager to store passwords and Diceware as your password generator.


Any password manager you would like to use, will create an encrypted database and to sync your passwords across all your machines you can upload that database file over any cloudhosting platform such as Dropbox as it is a secure cloud hosting platform and provide file revisions (versioning) or you may go with anyone of your choice.

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