Getting Started With Pelican

Posted by Shiva Saxena on Wed 05 February 2020 Updated on Wed 05 February 2020


Starting a new blog mostly considered with HOW-TOs, detailed descriptions, product reviews, project documentation, monetization, marketing, etc. That means, most of the time people misunderstand the real purpose of blogging. For all those who would like to know why they should start a blog, kindly refer to Why Blogging?.

I have been blogging for a few years. My previous blog is A Habit of Learning that is on wordpress. And I also contributed some technical tutorials on But this one is going to be different. This one with pelican would be my personal blog from now on. I'll be sharing here my experience, etc. And with this, I am thinking of keeping this post short :)

Thanks for reading. See you in the next post! :)