Dotfiles Setup Initiated!

Posted by Shiva Saxena on Thu 13 February 2020 Updated on Thu 13 February 2020


Recently, I initiated my dotfiles setup. And still, it is not fully furshined. I'll keep updating it as per my requirements and this blog post is here to share the same. My dotfiles are available on GitHub. In case, you don't know about dotfiles. Let me quickly wrap that up.

What are dotfiles?

These are actally configuration files of your systems, including all your tweaks that you did in your tools, all installed packages details, your specific customizations, etc. So, in case you change your machine or in case of hard-disk failures or in any case when you need to switch to other machine. Now running the installation of your dotfiles setup over the new machine will bring back all your configurations back. And that's the beauty of having a dotfiles setup.

Know more about dotfiles


Switching machine is no more a headache when you have a working dotfiles setup, but make sure to keep updating your dotfiles repo with changes you do locally.

Thanks for reading!

See you in the next post :)